Jessie Jordan

Scientific Illustration

I’ve been developing two possible banners to go outside of the Natural History Museum and light posts around town. Which one do you like the best?

Had an awesome meeting at the museum today about the Monarch stain glass window project. I snapped a few pictures during our meeting! Up top is Annie researching topography at her desk. My illustrated map concepts are in the middle, and then there’s Jennifer, stain glass artist, figuring out the cuts she wants to make.

Western and Eastern wintering monarch migrations. Just makin’ a map for the science museum.. This is one possible version for two stained glass window panels.

So I kicked off the summer by starting two deeply inspiring internships.

The first picture was from my first day as an exhibit design intern with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History this past week. Those are my illustrations blown up on the welcome sign! We’ve already begun designing/developing major summer projects.

  Today, I worked as a studio assistant for one of my favorite artists. We organized the studio, digital files have been converted, and all apparel and prints have been inventoried.

Those are some of his shirts and paintings in the second picture. Go check out the amazing work of Amadeo Bachar in the link below:

He We discussed concepts for some illustrated panels commissioned by the government, and I digitally masked out a dozen drawings that he is colorizing to go on United Nation’s postage stamps.  


Here’s a close up the hookworm in it’s natural habitat: the small intestine! This may seem gross at first glance, but these little guys can help alleviate and maybe even cure up to 80 autoimmune diseases.

I teamed up with the talented science writer, Julia Calderone, to illustrate her article called, “Health by Hookworm” about helminthic therapy, and it’s growing popularity. I’ll post the article when it gets published! I don’t know when that will be though.

I was going through my sketchbook files and found this field sketch from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love going in there to do watercolors, especially at the kelp forest exhibit.

Here it is; the final for my Cats of the World Poster.
The file is 24” x 36”. I also have 18” x 24” prints available on my etsy shop! 

Here’s one of the 36 cat illustrations I did to finish out the Science Illustration Program here in California. They’ve all been organized into a poster showing their taxonomy. Just have a few more edits to make then I’ll post it up! 

I painted 36 representative species of the felidae family the past few days. If it weren’t for the encouragement of my studio mates I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Whew! I love the Science Illustration program, and it’s hard to believe that there’s only one day left, …still have two projects to finish.

Here’s some bumblebee orchids I put together in between illustrating all the cats. Would anyone be interested in having some of these on shirts? I might just add more color and insects. Also..My octopus shirt is getting delivered to everyone right now! Stoked.

Currently printing a variety pack of greeting cards for the Pacific Grove Artwalk which is tonight! See you there?